Pondering Things…

Stephanie “Angel” Wilson is a blogger, photographer, and geek living in Honolulu, Hawai’i with her bratty cat Bruce Wayne. She’s a graduate of the Film & Digital Media program from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and is the administrator of the geek culture website The Geekiary.

The Blogger

Stephanie has been analyzing media and engaging in fandom culture from a young age, leading her to pursue higher education in both media analysis and production.  Her primary focus is representation in geek media, including feminist and LGBTQ+ themes in TV and film.  Most of her writing goes on The Geekiary, but she’s also been a guest contributor at Friends of Comic Con.   In addition to blogging, she’s been a guest on A Cup O’ Tea… and Genre TV For All.  She has also hosted panels on Yuri on Ice and Yaoi, and plans to host many more.

The Photographer

After graduating with a degree in Film & Digital Media, Stephanie worked various photography jobs in portraiture including school photography and studio work.  Though her current day job is unrelated to photography, she still finds time to practice the hobby as she attends various conventions and travels.  She also enjoys the more casual side of the art, snapping simple cell phone shots of various interesting things throughout her day to share via social media.

The Geek

Geekery is in her blood.  She was raised on Xena, the X-Files, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, her seventh birthday was Jurassic Park themed and her room was a mess of Sailor Moon merchandise for several years.  She’s passed through many fandoms in her life, engaging in fan culture via fanfiction, vidding, meta analysis, and as a journalist.  She’s particularly drawn to science fiction, urban fantasy, and superheroes.  She’s a table top gamer, LARPer, and frequent convention attendee.  Her cat has even been drafted into geek culture, having been named Bruce Wayne when he was adopted (but he’s more like Drogon in personality).  Talking nerdy to her is the quickest way to friendship.