Moving Forward

I’ve been quiet for a while here.  Moving so suddenly twice in a row took a lot out of me.  I’ve been in my new place for about two months now and I’m still not entirely unpacked.  In an effort to keep busy and positive I’ve thrown myself into a few projects.

First, I’m volunteering for Kaniela Ing for Congress.  He’s a progressive, which is what I feel we need representing us.  I’ve done some door knocking and I’m going to a Meet and Greet this weekend.

Secondly, Gishwhes is coming.  We’re busy recruiting right now.  It’s been rebranded as “Gish” this year.  We’ve got a few spots open on our team and between going over applications and marketing our application in various places online, I’m pretty busy.

And let’s not even get to San Diego Comic-Con yet.  Yikes, guys.  I’ve been consistently behind on planning for SDCC this year.  And that comes before both Gish and our local primary.  And yet it’s the last thing on my mind. Oh boy.

So I’m busy.  I’m struggling but I’m busy and that helps me stay focused.

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