Preparing For Hurricane Lane

Is it just me. or is Hawaii having an epically BAD year?  It started off with that False Missile Alert, then just went downhill from there.  Historic flooding on Kauai, lava popping up in the middle of Leilani Estate and destroying Kapoho, giant earthquake on the Big Island… and now Hurricane Lane.

For those that may be worried about me, I’m doing the best I can. I live on a third story apartment more than a mile inland, so flooding shouldn’t be an issue.  I don’t live in any flood zones.  Wind and power outages, however, could get to me.

I went shopping yesterday and bought non perishables to last a few days.  I also filled up 9 water bottles (7 pictured to the right) with water as well all the pots in my kitchen.  I have candles, lighters, and a flashlight with a full pack of batteries.  I have 6 fully charged power banks for my phone.  I also have a week of food for Bruce.  I may go out again today after work and get even more food for the both of us.  I have no idea how much we’ll need.

I don’t have a hand crank radio, which is troubling.  If cell service goes out, I may be completely out of touch.  I will, however, tweet during the whole thing.  If you follow me on Twitter (see the right of this post) you’ll know when I lose contact because I’ll likely not post for a couple of hours.  I will update before going to bed each night so you know I’m out of contact due to sleep.  I’ll try to post on Facebook as well, but probably not as frequently.

Right now it’s been downgraded to a Cat 4, but only barely.  It has 155mph sustained winds and a Cat 5 is 157 mph, so really it’s not far off. It was Cat 5 last night.  This has broken a record as the strongest storm at this distance from the state.  Most hurricanes break up when they get close due to wind shear.  However, this one hasn’t done so so far, though it’s expected to pass through wind shear today.  Almost all the hurricanes that have actually hit us did so from the south (Iniki, Iwa), which is exactly what Lane is doing.  Things… are not good.

So I’ll keep in touch and brace myself.  So far I still have to go to work, but that could change.  Let’s see how this shakes out.

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