Take Out The Garbage

It sucks when our idols turn out to be garbage, but we’ve got to take out the trash regardless.  Producers, politicians, actors, journalists.  All of them are people with faults and when that fault is something that goes against our morals we’ve got to overcome our bias and react accordingly.

Thankfully, us here on the more socially liberal side of things seems to be doing a pretty damn good job.  You wouldn’t be able to tell that by looking at Twitter’s trending topics, though.  Socially conservative individuals are quick to call us hypocrites and say we aren’t holding our own accountable.  What metric are they using?  Because it’s certainly not what I’m seeing.

Kevin Spacey: Fired and shunned from upcoming projects
Harvey Weinstein: Fired from his OWN company
Al Franken: Encouraged to step down (firing isn’t a possibility as an elected official, but we’re trying)
Andrew Kreisberg: Fired, denounced by coworkers
Matt Lauer: Fired within 48 hours

Who from the above list is getting a pass?  Which liberals since Weinstein went down have been given a pass?  Maybe Al Franken had a teeny tiny pass afterwards because his apology felt sincere, though we still asked him to step aside even though we liked what he said in response.  Then more allegations came out and we were even more skeptical of him than we were before.  His words didn’t make up for all the allegations.  His pass wasn’t all that great and didn’t last all that long.

So… who has a pass?

Roy Moore: Harassed/assaulted teenagers, still running, has the support of the President
Donald Trump: Has over a dozen women accusing him of assault and has been caught on tape saying many terrible things, is currently the President

It’s not us that has the double standard, guys.  We’re taking out our trash.  Can you take out yours as well?  Let’s do our part here.

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