The Longest Week Ever

I woke up on Monday feeling like it should be Thursday.  What a terrible way to start things.  And the intensity only continued from there as every single day didn’t feel quite right.  Time seems to have slowed to an absolute crawl and every morning was hell.  But finally we are here. It’s Friday before a holiday.  I’m about to have three and a half days of intense self care and it’s so very much needed.

Shitty Politics

Shit on the political side of things has been tense for a few years here, obviously, but things have really gone off the rails the past couple days.  The stock market is crashing. Mattis quit in protest.  They are ramming through a wall budget when most legislators have left DC already and also there’s that government shut down thing. RBG had cancerous growths removed from her lungs.  We’re pulling out of Syria and Afghanistan (a conflicting issue for me as I’m anti war, but these are complicated issues).

Y’all, I’m tired.  I am so tired.

S(easonal) A(ffective) D(isorder)

The holidays are always hard for me.  I’ve been doing them alone since 2011.  I’ve gotten used to it, but it still stings sometimes. I’m grateful that my friends send me cards and gifts long distance.  It really helps me feel not so alone.  But there’s still something about genuinely being alone all day when others are celebrating with family that really gets to you on a deep level.

My current plans consist of me spending three and a half days marathoning the latest season of Travelers, the latest episode of Sabrina, and catching up on Doctor Who.  Also wine.  Lots of wine.

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