Too Much Politics

As Christmas quickly approaches, I find myself horrifically overwhelmed by politics.  Part of me thinks that was intentional.  Politicians think the average citizen will be distracted with holiday travel and celebration, so they think we won’t be paying attention to what’s going on in Washington.  We are, though.  We’re very much paying attention and holiday cheer isn’t at all distracting us from the horrors spilling out of the Beltway.

Here’s a list of the horrors keeping me up at night:

  • Net Neutrality – As a small blog owner, and a damn dirty millennial who depends on the Internet for 90% of my news and communication, Net Neutrality has the potential to horribly alter my life. It could destroy my business, cut me off from the majority of my friends, all of my family, and limit my neutral news sources.  I’m horrified.
  • Tax Bill – I just barely broken into the middle class after spending 31 years in the lower tax brackets.  Now I fear this tax bill may shove me back down into the lower brackets.  Thanks Republicans.  How thoughtful.  I thought pulling myself up by my bootstraps was the ideal?  Regardless, if it doesn’t harm me, it will harm those who haven’t been able to climb out of the lower brackets.  It will remove access to CHIP and other programs while the top 1% gets cuts.  And trickle down economics doesn’t work.  That money gets stored overseas.  So the rich get richer. The poor get poorer.  The divide widens.
  • Firing Mueller – Trump might fire Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, triggering a constitutional crisis.  Sure, he can’t fire Mueller directly (technically, yet) but, like, Saturday Night Massacre anyone?  People are expecting it on Friday.  If so, I’m prepared to protest on Saturday.


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