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Hello everyone.  I’ve created my own website to post things that may not fit in with what The Geekiary was originally intended for (geek culture news and editorial content).  There’s a short bio of me on my front page, but I wanted to give you a little more in depth information about who I am, why this website is here, and what you might expect from it as we move forward.  And hey, if you like what’s in this post, maybe you’ll subscribe to keep track of what I’m up to.

I was born and raised in California, graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2008 with a BA in Film & Digital Media, and then spent 2011 to present moving around the country trying to find a place to make my home.  This journey has led me through Oregon, Kentucky, and all across my home state of California from end to end, before finally landing in Honolulu, Hawaii.  I return to my home state every year for San Diego Comic-Con in July, which typically coincides with my birthday.  I’ve had a lot of jobs as I’ve moved about the country, including retail, photography, security, website administration, social media management, ghostwriting, and dog washing (no joke).  My resume is interesting, if nothing else.

I’ve been working in the health insurance benefits and claims industry for several years as my day job while I work on my various political and geeky projects in my spare time.  I’ve always had an inclination towards political activism as well as geekery, and am often most comfortable discussing topics in the places where these two passions intersect.  You can see some of my articles that discuss these issues on my Articles, Webcasts, and Podcasts page.  While the majority of my geeky related writing will remain on The Geekiary, everything else will be here.  The geekiness will probably continue to slip in, though, because hey, that’s just who I am.

This will also act as a place to gather all the various projects I’ve created so that I don’t feel like a completely unproductive bump on a log.  I do stuff.  I swear!  It might seem like I sit around writing and webcasting all the time, but I do leave my house folks.  Look, here’s a video of me jumping out of a plane!

See?  Lazy people don’t jump out of planes.  And before you ask, yes, I jumped out of that plane wearing a Castiel shirt.  See? Geekiness seeps into everything someway or another.

And look, I swam with manatees once too.  Cool, right?

Yeah, I occasionally go on adventures, and those will be documented here too.  Right now there are no big travel plans on the horizon, except for my annual trip to San Diego Comic-Con.  But there’s a lot of adventures here on Oahu for me to partake in as well, so keep your eyes out.

So that’s what you’re going to get here.  It’ll be a mixed bag of politics, adventures, and geeky stuff that might not fit over at The Geekiary.  It’ll also act like a digital resume of sorts, in case you want to see some of the best stuff I’ve created.

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