A note on conspiracy theories…

I’m not completely anti-conspiracy theory.  Sometimes they can be a bit fun (lol).  Sometimes they can be a bit true (see: MKUltra).  But there is a time and a place, my friends.  And a community of people suffering from PTSD and/or collective trauma is not the time nor place.  Kindly take your conspiracies and shove them up yonder bum.

On Reddit there’s a specific forum for conspiracy theory’s.  That would be a place for people to go if that’s what they want to talk about this shit right now.  But instead people that aren’t from Hawaii somehow feel the need to barge into our Subreddit and post this nonsense when we’re all still trying to recover from the fact that our lives flashed before our eyes just a few days ago.  That’s so not welcome.

This type of behavior reminds me of the people who harassed the families of the victims of Sandy Hook, only clearly much worse as that’s possibly the most horrific tragedy in recent American history.  Children were slaughtered.  As far as we know, no lives were lost here.  It’s possible we may learn of heart attacks or suicides in the coming days as a result of this, but as of now none have been reported.  But the concept of harassing people going through pain is the same even if the magnitude of that pain is clearly significantly different.

A lot of people outside the state have moved on quickly.  They may not realize how strongly it’s still being felt here.  Maybe that’s why you think it’s fine the barge in and do this to us.  The news cycle has mostly forgotten about it and people see us passing around memes as a sign that “we’re over it.” Nah, man, it’s a ‘coping mechanism.’  Additionally, we’re allowed to laugh at ourselves and what we went through.  But you can’t use our pain for your entertainment.  There’s a huge difference.

Long Story Short: Your wackadoodle Trump-did-it/Russia-did-it/Aliens-did-it/Hawaii-is-Actually-Gone/Hawaii-Is-CRISIS-ACTORS bullshit is not welcome here.

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