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Geek News Writing Samples

Lan Wangji The Forklift: The Surprising Intersection of Fandom & The Coronavirus
Funko Steps Up To Support Australia’s Animals with New Pop!
All The Geeky Goodness Coming to Disneyland Resort in 2020

Geek Culture Analysis 

The China Censorship Problem Creeps Into Geek Culture
The Co-Opting of Geek Culture: It Wasn’t Stolen, It Evolved
How the “True Fan” Phenomenon Is Destroying Geek Culture

LGBTQ+ Themes in Media

4 Queer Anime Titles (and 1 Donghua) To Watch While Waiting for Yuri on Ice
About The ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ Tweet Regarding Queer Representation
Everyone Is Talking About Our Star Wars Slash Ship

Feminist Themes in Media

‘Wayward Daughters’ Is The Supernatural Spin Off We Need
Year Of The Badass Female Protagonist
The Women of Game of Thrones: A Study on Gender Roles


An Interview with Johnny Weir: His Thoughts on Yuri on Ice
A Chat with Star Trek‘s Jason Matthew Smith
Mira Furlan: Babylon 5, Lost, and her return to Hawai’i
Jordan Gavaris Talks Feedback from the LGBTQ+ Community

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Guest Articles

What I’m Watching: The Expanse (Friends of Comic Con)
Geek Convention Culture in Hawai’i (Friends of Comic Con)


Game of Thrones: How the women of Westeros took centre stage (Interview at BBC)
#StormPilot: How Finn/Poe Could Become Canon (Interview at The Nerds of Color)

Guest Podcasts

Genre TV For All: Episode 14
Genre TV For All: Episode 16