Getting PUMPED for Gishwhes 2017

Registration is officially open for Gishwhes 2017.  This will be my seventh year playing, sixth as the captain of Team Subtext (we didn’t have team names the first year and I was not the captain).  Team Subtext has been prepping already, reviewing applicants for our final spot, and organizing things like T-shirts and new graphics.  It’s all very very exciting!  Except… I am very slightly salty…. oh so very slightly salty.  Because you see, this year’s winner trip is to Hawaii.  And guess where I live? Oh right, Hawaii.  D’OH!

A picture taken literally from my backyard of Waikiki. LITERALLY IN MY BACKYARD.

The salt is pretty low, though, because I’ll still be excited to meet my team, many of whom I’ve been gishing with for 3-4 years already.  And I’ll get to talk to Misha Collins longer than just a few short words or interview questions.  I’ve always wanted to know him a bit better than as a fan/journalist, and hanging out with him for a few days would be pretty kicken rad.  It’ll be more low pressure than having to ask him questions for an article or have a very brief hello/good bye as he hugs me for a photo op or signs some schwag and sends me on my way.  So yeah, I really REALLY wish this year’s trip could be somewhere else so I could travel, but silver lining, right?

Of course, for this to be relevant we have to win first.  I am the single longest running up individual in all of Gishwhes. I have a blast every year, but someday I’d like to actually win.  If the year I finally win happens to be the year the trip is literally in my own backyard, there’ll be some level of irony in the whole situation.

Either way, my team is finishing our final preparations. Last spots are about to be filled. Shirts are about to be organized. Pre-hunt activities are being planned.  We’re ready to RUMBLE.

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