I’m exhausted, but the end is in sight…

These past few months have been incredibly busy.  I’ve been blogging about individual events already (Kawaii Kon, Tax March, Gishwhes preparation, and the upcoming Science March), but I’ve been doing a lot of stuff I haven’t blogged about too.  Such as my Yuri on Ice Mini Bang (Too Divide Is Not To Take Away), the new website for Team Subtext, and the slow trickle of San Diego Comic-Con news and preparation.  Oh, and I’m also still doing writing for The Geekiary.  Not as often due to all of the above, but stuff is still going on there.  Oh, and I’m applying for a new position with my company, but haha, why not add a tad more stress on top of all this. What could go wrong?

Once this weekend is over, though, almost everything on my list of things to do requires just sitting on my ass and not putting in much effort. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?  On April 28th the new Gorillaz album drops.  We haven’t had a new album since 2010, so I’m pretty excited.  On April 30th American Gods starts airing (though I may or may not have seen some episodes already maybe).  On May 5th, Guardians of the Galaxy premieres.  That’s a lot of stuff.  A lot of stuff that requires me mostly sitting and enjoying things (with some writing afterwards for a couple of those).  It’s going to be a nice little break.

Can I nap now?


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