I’ve been quiet for a while…

So I went off on this big trip to Kauai and promised all sorts of pictures and video.  Then I just went… quiet.  Yeah, so sorry about that.  But I’m back now.

Unfortunately all of my quality (non cell phone) pictures have been completely lost due to a camera theft incident.  I’ll go into more details on that once the legal parts of it are over, but the good news is I still have my videos.  I plan on editing together some of it and posting that at some point, but after being burgled, losing one of my proudest possessions, and then having to suddenly move, I’m just not very motivated to do much with what I have.

I’m slightly bitter that so much of such an amazing trip was lost.  Especially because I planned this trip as a way to emotionally heal after the loss of my aunt (read about that here).  It’s a double blow of shittiness. But oh well.  We must march on.  Life is still going.

Meanwhile, I’m working on a surprise for SDCC 2018 (stay tuned), planning a trip with my Gishwhes team (not the winners trip), and working on season 2 of the Queer Geek Cast.  I’m watching and LOVING Star Trek: Discovery and digging the new season of Mr Robot. I’ve been horribly depressed since about mid July but I’m still alive and kicking and won’t let death, theft, or migraines keep me down.

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