I’ve Launched the “Queer Geek Cast” And I Need Your Help!

Hello friends!

As many of you already know, I’ve launched a new podcast called the Queer Geek Cast.  You can find it on iTunes and Soundcloud!  Here’s a lovely Masterpost of all the episodes released so far including summaries, release dates, images, and links to articles mentioned in each episode.

Up until today the Podcast has been free to produce.  I’ve used free software and my already existing equipment.  Unfortunately I reached the max allowable free space on my host and had to purchase more space to release episode 4.  This cost me $135 for a year.  With San Diego Comic-Con only 3 weeks away and costs associated with that wracking up (I have to go buy a new suitcase today because my other one is too small!), this unexpected expense is going to set me way back.

I’m not going to start a crowdfunding campaign for season one.  Maybe for season two, but this one is already almost done so I’m sticking with what I have.  I am, however, asking for assistance through already existing venues for you to help.

You can donate one time through PayPal.  If you include a note telling me this is for the podcast, I’ll mention your name and/or social media and/or project on the next episode (I usually edit on Fridays, so you have about six days from today!).  This is for any amount! Even a single dollar!

Alternatively, you can support us through Patreon.  For $5 a month you can have your name and a link on the front page of the Geekiary. If you leave a note, I’ll also include a shout out on the next podcast!  And all new Patreons between now and Comic-Con will also be mentioned on our SDCC webcast! (Again, leave a note or we won’t know you are requesting this!)

So please help me out if you can.  I did not account for this hosting (my bad, I know) and may get set back for SDCC as a result.

Thanks everyone! Much love!

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