Kawaii Kon is over. What’s next?

My new favorite view.

WOW that was quite the Kawaii Kon.  I did two panels and managed to see two others in their entirety.  I even wrote about the Steven Universe voice actor panels here: Deedee Magno Hall and Zach Callison Wow Honolulu Audience

I wrote about one of my panels here: Kawaii Kon 2017 Panel: Let’s Celebrate Yuri!! On Ice

And here’s the uploads of both of my panels. YES my Yuri!! one Ice panel is at almost 7,000 views. I thought maybe it’d get a few hundred views MAYBE.  I’m amazed.  The yaoi panel was just uploaded a few minutes ago so not many views yet, but I doubt it’ll compare. YOI fandom is just super thirsty right now.

So what’s next? Now that Gishwhes has been announced, I know that I’ll actually be able to enjoy Comic Con Honolulu this year.  So… I just submitted an application to do a panel called “LGBTQ+ Representation: The Good, The Bad, The Awkward.”  Guess I like to talk about LGBTQ+ geek culture or something? Maybe? IDK.

But before we get to any of that, I’ll be at the Tax March today, the Science March tomorrow, and San Diego Comic-Con in July.  I’ve got lots of protests and cons lined up.  It’s going to be busy.

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