People’s Climate March, Honolulu – April 29, 2017

Over the weekend I participated in my third consecutive weekend of activism.  On the 15th I was at the Tax Day March, on the 22nd I was at the March for Science (which I took an organizing roll with), and then this one on Saturday April 29th.  Each protest has had a completely different vibe and venue, but each one was empowering in its own way.

The People’s Climate March took place in Waikiki, which helped with visual demonstrations about what a climate change could mean to Honolulu.  Waikiki itself could be under up to 6 feet of water in less than a century.  It was also an interesting venue as most of the people we interacted with were tourists.  We became part of the scenery in a way.  People took our picture. Some cheered. Some rolled their eyes.  But it definitely caused a scene and I feel like it was a pretty stellar venue for an action such as this.

I don’t have any more protests planned on the horizon, unfortunately.  But I will be keeping my eyes out for stuff to do because I’m finding the Trump administration extremely overwhelming.  I’ll continue to send postcards to my representatives and keep campaigning for the candidates I believe in.  But man, sometimes it feels good to hit the streets and make a scene.

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