Skate America!

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this blog. SDCC 2019 came and went. GISH is over. This would usually be my slow season. But lo and behold, I’m going to Skate America and my flight leaves TONIGHT!

Skate America is the first event in the annual Grand Prix series. The highest ranking skaters from the six Grand Prix events go on to the Grand Prix Final. The GPF is one of the biggest events in Figure Skating, so this is the start of a very important series. And I get to see it in person!

Skaters at the event will include Elizaveta Tutkamysheva, Nathan Chen, Boyang Jin, Jason Brown, Junwha Cha, and so many more.

My flight leaves at 9:00pm tonight and I’ll arrive in Vegas tomorrow morning. Tomorrow they’ll have open practice, which I’m going to try to attend. I’ll be exhausted from the over night flight, but oh well! I do this every year for SDCC so I’m used to it.

Then the actual event starts on Friday with the short programs/rhythm dance. The free skates are on Saturday and the Gala is on Sunday. I’ll also be attending a special Team USA breakfast on Sunday morning.

This will be the first competitive figure skating event I’ve ever attended and I’m incredibly excited!

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