Tax Refunds, Bonuses, the Convention season, and new pants…

A new year has arrived and W-2 watch 2019 is in full swing.  I’m checking my portal every day to see if my W-2 has been uploaded.  Yes yes, I know the government shut down is going to delay the refund.  Literally half a dozen people have told me that but that doesn’t change me wanting to get it all sent in so I can be done with it.  I have plans for that money and even if it’s delayed by a few weeks, I just want to finish my part.

My tax refund is going to primarily go to my SDCC hotel deposit and my KawaiiKon hotel room.  Yep, I’m staying at KawaiiKon this year for at least two nights.  It’s usually a day trip con for me, but I have two friends to split a room with so why not?

In March I’m going to get a bonus check from work.  This check is going to go towards paying off most of the rest of my SDCC hotel room as well as my airfare to the con.  I’m not sure if I’m going to go to Disneyland this year or not.  It’s largely dependent on if the new Star Wars area opens or not.  If it opens, part of my bonus will go to that as well.

And also, my bonus is gonna get me some NEW PANTS.  GUYS.  I ONLY HAVE ONE PAIR OF PANTS!!! I CANT! EVEN!!  It’s ridiculous.  I can get new pants in like 3 months.  Hooray.

So that’s my plan so far.  Starting off the year with lots of money expected, but almost all of it being spoken for.  At least I’m living life to the fullest, I suppose.

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