The Tax March: My Feet Hurt and It Feels Great

The Tax March thoroughly exhausted me today.  I arrived about an hour early and just hung out while people set up.  Then we walked a good two miles (or so?) before arriving at Kuhio park where we were promptly treated to loads of free ice cream.  Today’s march was organized by J20 Hawai’i, and the aim was to bring attention to 45’s tax returns, which he still hasn’t revealed.  He’s the first president since the Nixon era who hasn’t shown their tax returns.  Why? That’s the question, isn’t it? We can speculate, but we just don’t know.

There was an overall “chicken” theme.  Mocking 45 has seemed to become the leading tactic right now.  I mean, it makes sense.  I don’t like name calling and I definitely subscribe to “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”  But agitating him seems to provoke a reaction.  And when he reacts, he does so without thinking.  Dangerous when he has his finger over the nuke button, but interesting when it comes to trying to get information…. like his tax returns!  There was an inflatable chicken on a golf cart, chicken masks, and they did the chicken dance before the march took off.  I didn’t do the chicken dance, but I did admire the craftsmanship in that damn inflatable chicken.

This is the second major protest I’ve been to since 45 took office.  The first was the Women’s March the day after inauguration.  There was a protest on Inauguration Day, but I had to work that day.  There was also an impromptu protest at the airport when the first Muslim ban was implemented, but I didn’t realize one was happening here. I guess I should have just gone to the airport and poked around to see, but our airport is big and confusing and I wasn’t sure I’d find anyone if I tried.  Still, I feel bad I missed these two because I want to get out there as much as I can.  As I was marching one guy said “if Trump stays in office all four years I’m going to lose like a hundred pounds from all this walking.”  Same, dude.  Same.

Speaking of protests, next week is The Big One.  At least for me.  It’ll be the March for Science, which I’ve taken on some responsibility for here in Honolulu.  Check out this website I built.  And look, I’m on the Team Page.  I haven’t been able to do as much as I wish I could have due to prepping for Kawaii Kon, but I’m glad that I’ve helped do something.  I passed out a good 30 cards at this protest to help promote ours and I’ve stirred up some interests in my social networks. It’s something.

After the protest I worked on some Gishwhes stuff, some Geekiary stuff, and then headed out to watch some friends do improv.  So I’m exhausted, gross, sore, and thoroughly beat, but oh man it was so worth it.  I got so much done today.

Here’s some of the best moments from the march:

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  1. Elizabeth Lairmore says:

    Excellent account of your experience and excellent writing. Thank you for standing up, standing tall and standing proud for the rights we all deserve!! I will be watching for your updates from the Science March on April 22nd!!

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