The Ultimate Nocturnal Weekend

The weekend of December 8th through 10th will be an exhausting one.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will have me watching segments of the Grand Prix final starting either just before or just after midnight each night.  Sunday I may skip out early as I have work the next day and all my favorite women skaters (Ashley Wagner, Evgenia Medvedveda) had to drop out of the Grand Prix series.  I’m not dying to see the results like I am for the men and ice dance.  Sunday will still be a late night, but I may bail early to catch some z’s.

Right now I’m rooting for Team USA in men’s singles: Nathan Chen, Jason Brown, Adam Rippon.  This is after my favorite, Boyang Jin, had to drop. Boyang represents China so before jumping to the conclusion that I’m USA ALL THE TIME, know that I was rooting for Boyang above ALL prior to him being injured.

For Dance I’m rooting for the Shib Sibs and Chock & Bates, who are also representing USA.  Shib Sibs are undefeated this season, but sadly their scores are lower than the French and Canadian teams.  GPF will be the first time they’ve gone up against either team this season so I’m bracing myself for them to not top the podium.

Can we for a moment just acknowledge how many people are hurt this season??

Evgenia: Broken foot, withdrawn from GPF
Yuzuru: Injury, withdrawn from NHK
Ashley Wagner: Infection, withdrawn mid program from Skate America
Boyang Jin: Injury, withdrawn from GPF
Javier: Got sick, failed to qualify for GPF (currently 2nd alternate)
Pogo: Had a melt down on the ice, career might not recover
Patrick Chan: I don’t even know what happened there??
Gracie Gold: Withdrew for treatment prior to the start of the Grand Prix
Daniel Samohin: Injured mid routine, skated off the ice in agony


On top of ice skating keeping me up until the wee hours of the morning, Saturday morning is San Diego Comic-Con open registration.  I already have my badge and have no reason to be there for myself, but I want to help some friends so I’m going to show up anyway.  The waiting room opens at 6:00am my time, which means it’s just 3-4 hours after the first night of the GPF has ended.  I could catch a short nap, or I could just marathon it all the way through and sleep all day Saturday.

Look, I’m 31.  Pulling an all nighter is struggle.  But it’s also a cheap way of feeling sort of intoxicated.  Sleep deprivation is a hell of a drug.  Team Sleep Deprived 2017.  #NoSleepThisWeekend

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