Two Updates In a Row! Let’s Talk Conventions…

I was silent for two months, now I’m making two posts in a row. Yikes!

Anyway, I got around to updating my Convention Page, which was about 3 months out of date.  Things have been non-stop since before SDCC so I struggled to get up what I could.  My Honolulu Comic Con gallery is only one picture big, unfortunately, but this was an off year for me there. Next year will hopefully be better.

I also wrote this guide for newbie SDCC attendees: SDCC 2018 Badge Buying Guide.  I’ve updated it to reflect the announcement that pre-reg will be on October 28th.  I hope to hear back regarding my press status before open reg, because I don’t really want to go through that.  I will if I have to, but damn it’s hard y’all.

Additionally, I wrote this article: LGBTQ+ Representation for a General Audience

I was expecting blow back over it, but so far so good.

Anyway, I’m going to be trying to keep updates here more regular than two months of silence then two in rapid succession.  I just realized I had a few more updates that I wanted to link to.

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