“Yuri on Ice” Season 2 Wishlist


No, I don’t have any insider information that there will be a season 2 of Yuri on Ice.  I’m just a fan like you all (except getting to interview Johnny Weir was pretty cool…. but no special knowledge of the show came from it ok).  This is just a list of things I want should we be graced with another season.

As a quick recap for those who don’t know what the hell Yuri on Ice is, here’s some of my writings on it already:

Basically a super wonderfully written ice skating anime with queer themes and a beautifully written love story.  I’m OBSESSED MAN.  So here’s my wishlist.

1. World Championships

A second season can either jump to next year’s GPF, or finish out the rest of this skate season, which includes both Japanese and Russian Nationals, Four Continents, European Championships, and Worlds.  That means we would have all the same performances, and I understand wanting to see new programs, but I don’t want a huge time jump.  The first season covered an entire year already.  Besides, Victor said he wanted to make his comeback at Nationals and his comeback story while he tries to balance being a coach and competing at the same time is a story I want to see.  Worlds will be the first opportunity VIctor and Yuuri will compete head to head, too, and holy shit I need to see how that plays out.

2. Victor’s Backstory

We know nothing of Victor’s backstory.  We knew his skating history, but nothing about his family or life before he became the “Living Legend.” Are his parents supportive? Are they even alive?  Does he have any siblings?  What inspired him to skate?  What were his other coaches like?  Oh god tell me.  If this backstory means more Victor with long hair and more Victor with painted nails and more Victor with puppy Makkachin….  well I mean I won’t be complaining.  More of all of that stuff PLZ.

3. More Emil Please

Emil did got nearly enough screen time or appreciation.  He’s just such a positive stand up guy. He’s never said a mean thing to anyone and was the only person super enthusiastically into Yuuri’s hug competition.  He’s just a precious guy with mad skills that you don’t even notice because you are so distracted by how chill he is.  I want to take him out for a beer and chat with him for hours.  Such a pure soul.

4. Domestic Victor and Yuri

Victor and Yuuri at home. Victor and Yuuri making coffee in the morning (or tea?).  Victor and Yuuri waking up lazily on a Saturday morning. Victor and Yuuri gently bickering about what to have for dinner.  Victor not doing the dishes and Yuuri heavy sighing at him.  Victor and Yuuri.

5. Otabek and Yuri’s Relationship To Grow

Otabek and Yuri are precious, okay? They are super different but their personalities mesh so well. Neither of them are super good at making friends and they are both extremely determined and passionate about their sport.  And looks at Yuri’s blush in the above picture. Look at Otabek’s smile. Look at how Mari is fogging up the window…. ok that has nothing to do with Yurio and Otabek, but I felt it was worth noticing.  They are just so interesting and there needs to be more interaction.

6. Russian Skater Fam

Georgi and Mila and Yuri and Victor… and now Yuuri.  Yeah, he’s not part of the Russian team but he’s part of the Russian Skating Fam, okay? And they love him and they all hang out together and are friends and oh god please give me Skater Fam.  I especially want to see the closeness between Yurio, Victor, and Yuuri.  There’s so much to explore here.  Maybe a nice scene where they all go out drinking or something (what’s the legal drinking age in Russia? Will Yurio need to stay sober? I don’t know man whatever).  I mean we already know what Yuuri and Victor look like drunk. How about the rest of them?  And of course lots of scenes of them sharing the rink together and how that team dynamic works with a new skater added to the mix.

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