#GeekiaryNaNo: Day One

This year I’m going to attempt to participate in NaNoWriMo again.  I wrote a little post over at The Geekiary talking about my plans.  You can follow me and my fellow Geekiary writers on Twitter through the tag #GeekiaryNaNo.

I’m taking a different approach to NaNoWriMo than most people.  While most people focus on writing fiction, I’ll be writing excerpts from my life.  I’ve always failed at writing traditional novels, but seem to do well when I focus inward either analyzing myself or analyzing the world around me.

Some of my chapters will be public here on my own blog.  Some (particularly parts where I may not portray other people in the best possible way) will be kept private.  My goal isn’t to slam people close to me, especially those who continue to follow my work.  But bad things have happened in my life and I can’t always word my frustration diplomatically.  Therefore those parts will be kept for me and me alone.

Many NaNoWriMo writers aim to publish their works.  I don’t know if strangers would care about what’s essentially the memoirs of a common online blogger and pop culture commentator, but I may aim towards that at some point.  Who knows? I guess I’ll have to see how interested people are in all this junk.  If published, expect major rewrites from these quick blog posts.  These are going to be rough and frequent.  The goal is 60,000 words this month so…. it’s going to be a crunch to get all that out basically.

So without further ado, let’s begin…

Stay Tuned


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