#GeekiaryNaNo Updates

You may have noticed my last NaNoWriMo update has 445/50,000 listed, but my NaNoWriMo profile has much more.  I’m only counting the amount I’ve published at the bottom of each blog post for easier calculations, but I have a lot of partially written posts in the works that count towards my overall word count.  These may get published.  They may not.  So far I have partial posts on how I learned about the concept of death (508 words), my political awakening (104 words), and the trauma I went through in 2011 (864 words).  Any one of these could get completed and published at any time.  Or they may stay hidden forever.  I don’t know.

Is there a topic about my life that you want to know about?  Let me know and if I get inspired I may include it.

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