Ridiculous Things Said To Me About Hawai’i

Living in Hawai’i, but having both an active online social life, a career with a medical related company, and an international side business has me frequently interacting with people on the mainland.  This means that I run into a lot of…. interesting conversations.  I really wish these were exaggerations but they aren’t.  In fact, I’ve abbreviated some of them for clarity so the live experience was even worse in most cases.

Here’s a collection of some of the fun ones…

Person: Do people live in Hawaii?
Me: Yes, I do.
Person: Wow, with like houses and stuff?

Person: I don’t know what the law is like out there, but in America-
Me: Hawai’i is part of America.
Person: Well, okay, but not really.
Me: Yes, really. We’re a state.
Person: Really? Since when?

Me: What time zone are you in?
Person: Pacific.
Me: Okay.  I’ll call you tomorrow afternoon.  Just wanted to be sure I could reach you at a good time.
Person: Are you in a different timezone than me?
Me: I’m located in Honolulu.
Person: Me too.  We’re Pacific Time.
Me: N… no.  We’re Hawai’i Standard Time.
Person:… what?

Me: I’m in the state of Hawai’i.
Person: So part of California.
Me: What? No. We’re in the sate of Hawai’i.
Person: Is that not part of California?
Me: …. no.


(Not mine, but a coworker)
Person: You live in Hawai’i? Do you have electricity?

Person: Wow, must be like a vacation every day!
Me, sitting in a cubicle: Ha. Ha.

Person 1: Do you surf?

Person 2: Do you spend all day surfing?

Person 3: Do you surf all the time?

Person 4: Why don’t you surf??

Person from California: Will I need a passport to travel to Hawai’i?

Me: It’s currently 8:30am.
Person: Haha wow! It’s 2:30pm here! We’re about ready to go home.
Me: Ha. Ha.

Alternative version of this same TIME ZONE SHOCKER

Me: It’s currently 8:30am.
Person: What? Really? How?
Me: Time zones.
Person: Wow!

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