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We know about Post Con Blues, but what about Pre Con Blues?

Post Con Blues (per Urban Dictionary): The depressed feeling you get after going to a convention and seeing friends. This is common.  It happens every year, especially after SDCC.  I get to see several dozen friends I only ever get to see … Continue reading

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Psychoanalyzing My Recent Interest in True Crime

I’ve been reading True Crime books since high school.  I got strange looks from teachers when I read Helter Skelter during our reading time, but I didn’t care.  I was kind of gothy at the time anyway so it added … Continue reading

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People’s Climate March, Honolulu – April 29, 2017

Over the weekend I participated in my third consecutive weekend of activism.  On the 15th I was at the Tax Day March, on the 22nd I was at the March for Science (which I took an organizing roll with), and … Continue reading

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The Tax March: My Feet Hurt and It Feels Great

The Tax March thoroughly exhausted me today.  I arrived about an hour early and just hung out while people set up.  Then we walked a good two miles (or so?) before arriving at Kuhio park where we were promptly treated … Continue reading

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