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The Ultimate Nocturnal Weekend

The weekend of December 8th through 10th will be an exhausting one. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will have me watching segments of the Grand Prix final starting either just before or just after midnight each night.  Sunday I may skip … Continue reading

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Two Updates In a Row! Let’s Talk Conventions…

I was silent for two months, now I’m making two posts in a row. Yikes! Anyway, I got around to updating my Convention Page, which was about 3 months out of date.  Things have been non-stop since before SDCC so … Continue reading

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I’ve been quiet for a while…

So I went off on this big trip to Kauai and promised all sorts of pictures and video.  Then I just went… quiet.  Yeah, so sorry about that.  But I’m back now. Unfortunately all of my quality (non cell phone) … Continue reading

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San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Personal Schedule #SDCC

My flight leaves on Saturday for my trip to southern California.  In case you want to be where I’m at at any point, here’s my schedule. Saturday July 15th Flight from Honolulu to LAX Sunday July 16th Disneyland! Will definitely … Continue reading

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We know about Post Con Blues, but what about Pre Con Blues?

Post Con Blues (per Urban Dictionary): The depressed feeling you get after going to a convention and seeing friends. This is common.  It happens every year, especially after SDCC.  I get to see several dozen friends I only ever get to see … Continue reading

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I’m exhausted, but the end is in sight…

These past few months have been incredibly busy.  I’ve been blogging about individual events already (Kawaii Kon, Tax March, Gishwhes preparation, and the upcoming Science March), but I’ve been doing a lot of stuff I haven’t blogged about too.  Such … Continue reading

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134 Days Until San Diego Comic-Con

My very first San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) was in 2011, but my life didn’t really start to take on the annual pattern of convention season and off-season until about 2013. My trip in 2011 was an odd one.  I bought … Continue reading

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