The Oncoming Convention: Kawaii Kon 2017

This will be my third Kawaii-Kon and my tenth convention as a member of the press, but it’ll be my first time being a panelist.  Whoa nelly, this is going to be a tense weekend.

Kawaii-Kon 2017 takes place April 7th-9th which gives me six more days to put the final touches on my two hours of programming.  This is on top of my day job, website work for March for Science – Hawai’i, and work for The Geekiary.   But I’m still pretty excited, despite the stress of having so much going on at once.  Each hour long panel is about a topic I’m extremely excited about and I’ll be able to ramble on about them at length with people that actually want to hear about it.  So to all my friends that I corner with my tangents, you’re off the hook next weekend!  (Except Matt because I’ve forced you into being my camera man.  Sorry bro).

Let’s Celebrate Yuri!! On Ice
April 9th, – 1:30pm – Room 3

Official Description: Yuri!!! On Ice has taken the sports anime world by storm. Come celebrate the barrier breaking show and discuss the music, choreography, accuracy in relation to competitive figure skating, and the queer themes that have put this show on the map. Strap on your skates and let’s have a chat!

In case you guys haven’t noticed, I’ve been a wee bit obsessed with Yuri!! on Ice.  Look at how many articles I’ve written about it:

I’m nervous about this panel, of course, but this show has meant a lot to me.  I’m hoping I can do it justice.

Yaoi: Present & Future
Saturday April 8th – 11pm – Room 1

Official Description: Yaoi: Present and Future seeks to analyze the state of the yaoi/BL industry from 2014 to present and beyond. We will analyze what’s popular, what gets licensed and translated into English, and what gets left behind.

When you Google “Yaoi Recommendations,” my list is literally at the top of the list.  I discuss LGBTQ+ themes across various mediums, including manga and anime.  Sexuality and romantic orientation in and of itself is an important topic in my life, so analyzing it through the lens of geek media is sort of a natural fit for me.  I’m more nervous about this panel for that very reason, though.  I’m representing a topic I’m inordinately passionate about.  But am I just a super fan, or am I a super fan who also knows what they are talking about? I mean, I’m a super fan either way, but I also went pretty  in debt for a Bachelor’s degree about film and digital media, so I’m hoping I retained some of that information.  We’ll see.

A lot of my friends have already RSVP’ed for one or both panels, which is awesome.  I also plan on recording them and putting them up on The Geekiary.  I have no idea how many people will be interested in either panel, but I look forward to feedback from anyone who watches either live or after the fact online.  I hope these are the first of many panels in my future.

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