Very short update…

Two awesome things!

First, I did a guest post about Hawai’i convention culture over at Friends of Comic Con. Go check it out!  Give it some love.  And if you happen to run a blog, podcast, or webcast, I’m always looking to broaden my horizons and do guest spots elsewhere.  And that offer goes both ways.

Secondly, The Shib Sibs and Nathan Chen brought us Gold from Rostelecom! We just might get gold at the Olympics this year.  Sadly, I don’t think anyone has a chance of beating Evgenia in Ladies, but I can hope that Ashely Wagner might make the podium.  I love Ashley but I have a suspicion this is her last Olympics season (though please don’t be her last EVER please).  Evgenia fell and she still came out a ridiculous amount of spots ahead of everyone else.

WTF is this last paragraph about? Reminder, I’m suddenly very into skate (blog post #1, article at The Geekiary).

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